Having trouble with arm9loaderhax

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    Dec 23, 2009
    In the IOSU
    I just did everything fine until the steps of injecting the CTRNAND and other partitions.
    The problem now is that when I restarted the console,
    arm9hax shortcuts aren't working anymore (Decrypt9,Emunand9,Uncart).
    It boots the menuloader screen and then it goes to black.

    If I hold B it will go to Sysnand which seems to be untouched even though I thought it should had migrated emunand there but its empty. Now I am really confused on what I should do. I no longer have access to emunand and the arm9hax isnt working. Would appreciate some help here

    Edit: arm9 Hotkeys work, I had to press them before turning on the console but still no NAND boot
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