Having some difficulty with wiiflow and sd card

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Any suggestions? I set up my Wii U run backups using USB hard drive (wuphax) for the Wii U side and wiiflow with sdcard (64gb) on the vWii side with a forwarder to the Wii U side. I can get gamecube, nes, she's and genesis games to work. I just can't get wiiflow to load wii games from either sdcard or USB and the same games will load with usbloader gx. The games are in wbfs format and i have tried both cios beta 53 and 52 for iOS slots 249, 250 and 251. (53 causes a stack dump when loading wiiflow) I also ran ios236 installer and patched iOS 80. I'm kinda out of ideas besides dump the discs myself.