Hardmodding a wii?

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    Sep 2, 2018
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    Hi, I am new here so I apologize for coming across as a total noob (because I am)
    I have heard about hardmodding recently, and while I know softmodding is easier, I am really interested in it. I have heard about needing to know about your optical drive but I haven't any idea how to figure that out. Basically, I have a few questions.

    1. I am aware that wode has stopped being made, but are there any places where it is listed? Dumb question, but who knows.
    2. By installing a chip, which one would you recommend, and what's the difference between them?
    3. Can I be directed towards a proper tutorial?

    I am so sorry for asking such repetitive questions, I was looking everywhere for tutorials on this but since softmodding is way more popular, it was impossible for me to find.
  2. GreyWolf

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    Just softmod. Your chances of finding a mod chip and a Wii that can read burned discs are getting lower every day. Loading from as USB HDD is a lot easier anyway and won't kill your optical drive.
  3. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    1- shop01media is your best bet for old and/or obscure console accessories... for a price

    2- pretty much any supporting BCA emulation will do, ie anything that supports New Super Mario Bros Wii
    Of course, they must be compatible with your optical drive (some connect directly to the drive electronics via wires, some do the same via a Wii-Clip, some connect inline with the data cable - and don't have any advantage compared to cioscorp/darkcorp, many support more than one method, some optical drives are not moddable at all)

    3- for the above reason, depends on what specific chip you buy (especially if going for soldering-based method)

    The simplest chip to install is probably the Flatmod (and clones), but it falls in the inline category I discredited above
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    Sep 5, 2018
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    I'm not aware of any benefits to hard modding. SD card softmod takes 10 mins.
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