Hard Hats FREE!

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    Dec 24, 2006
    Hey Tempers!

    I've just released a free version of my game and would like to let everyone out there know so you can try it! The game is designed to be pick up and play for those times your bored waiting for something. Its easy to learn the basics and once you unlock the first few tools the high scores get bigger and bigger.

    Hard Hats FREE

    My beta testers all gave very good feedback so I hope everyone else enjoys it. Im working on updates at the moment.

    Recent Additions:
    Gamecentre World LeaderBoard
    Tip Screen
    Game speed Improvements

    The free version is add supported and sadly when network speed is low this can cause a slight judder in movements. The full version is add free and the final two ultimate power-ups are unlocked.

    :download: Get it now from iTunes App Store