Halo: Reach Multiplayer noobs

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    Halo Multiplayer is filled with all types of people. There's people who can no scope you within a millaseconds notice, people who don't know that they should pummel people, Majors that suck ass, Recruits that can somehow beat you. But mostly it's filled with noob-ass people who suck. And I don't mind that. I don't mind that I somehow am usually on the losing team (it gets me more credits and commendations, I get more kills), I don't mind that a new guy might throw a grenade in your direction and it kills you. But there's two things I do mind. Noobs playing arena and noobs booting you on firefight.
    I am typing this because of the noobs booting me. I am so mad [​IMG]<
    I get booted a lot on firefights, most of the time it's my own fault for me accidentally hitting someone and that's okay (they still are a little bit harsh for booting me), I sometimes get ticked off if I kill them from all the way across the map when they are in a large group of monsters doing nothing. But what just happens made me piss my socks in anger and cry my pants off.
    My friend is really good at Halo, I always try to beat his score. I'm on Rocketfight on Holdout and I'm owning shit, halfway through the game with 13,000 points (only died once [​IMG]). This guy on my team only has about 200 points and betrayed my other team mates about 3 times (not each) so I'm staying away from him. Start of the 3rd wave he kills me. I'm fine with that, even though he's a captain grade 1. I forgive him. I restart my spree. I play to the end of the match and have 22,500 points. 3 enemies left. I kill one, someone kills an other. I run to the last enemy, shoot as the noob walks in front of me and kill myself and him.


    I should upload my video to fileshare, I saved it right away.

    What's the worst thing that happened to some of you and what are your best scores(like on gruntpocalypse and rocketfight and stuff)?

    My best gruntpocalypse score was 13,800 or 14,800 ( I'm guessing 13) and it was on corvette.
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    Noobs will always be a problem.

    Just "outclass" them,(rip them in half with your skill).
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    Just go all grizzly bear on their ass
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    what petspap said...
    either that or you can drive a veichle and pwn those little suckers for easy killionaire
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    Camp on corvette, in gruntpocalypse on one of the top ridges. Then just shoot them all in the head with the DMR. I got 18,485 points that way. [​IMG]
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    If they pose a threat or are doing fuck all, taunt them by cheap shots at them and then make them betray you.