Guitar Hero: Metallica details

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    Walking the path of heaven
    - new difficulty for drums: “Expert Plus”
    - new drum mode freestyle drums using Metallica drum sounds
    - GHTunes included, with new sounds from James Hetfield’s ESP Truckers guitars to Tom Araya’s ESP Bass sound
    - DVD-style extras such as potos, set lists, fan videos, rare live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage
    - “Metallifacts” provide Pop-Up Video-style facts while watching performances

    Confirmed Metallica tracks:

    * “Enter Sandman”
    * “For Whom The Bell Tolls”
    * “Fuel”
    * “Hit The Lights”
    * “King Nothing”
    * “Master of Puppets”
    * “No Leaf Clover”
    * “Nothing Else Matters”
    * “Sad But True”
    * “The Unforgiven”
    * “Where I May Roam”

    Other artist’s tracks:

    * Alice In Chains - “No Excuses”
    * Bob Seger - “Turn The Page”
    * Judas Priest - “Hell Bent For Leather”
    * Kyuss - “Demon Cleaner”
    * Lynyrd Skynyrd - “Tuesdays Gone”
    * Mastodon - “Blood and Thunder”
    * Michael Schenker Group - “Armed and Ready”
    * Samhain - “Mother of Mercy”
    * The Sword - “Black River”

    News Source: Destructoid
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    Enter Sandman


    Master of Puppets

    Nothing Else Matters

    Long story short, I'm buying it. Thanks for posting this.
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    Great, I've always wanted 10 minute long songs in Guitar Hero....

    They need shorter songs.
  4. CockroachMan

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    True [​IMG]

    And again.. why can't this be just a download pack?

    I suppose Activision won't stop until every artist in the world has their own Guitar Hero.. can't wait for Guitar Hero Hanson!
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    I'm betting Megadeth will be included in this.

    1. w00t for double-bass pedal madness.
    2. Hmmm... Guitar Battle vs Hammett, Hetfield and Araya are the ones that come into my mind. I'm hoping for a Slayer specific venue as well [​IMG]
    3. This might not happen: It would be cool if Slayer would do the motion capture as well and have their own intro when their song plays and have Raining Blood as BG music. Then they're gonna say "We're back for more!"
    4. Crosses fingers for Boss Battle for drums and vocals.

    If the GH:M instruments would be kick-ass, might as well hold off GHWT.
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    Shorter songs? No way

    Cant wait 100% buying this.
    Like World Tour can you buy Death Magnetic for it?
    Anyone know, If yes, Will that apply to the Wii?

    Im confused, Is this being sold like the Aerosmith? Or a full bundle like GH: WT?
    Hopefully RB1 drums work, Expert Plus sounds great

    and No And Justice for All? :{