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    Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking for a few weeks before finally registering. I found GBAtemp when I was searching for help on how to get an Acekard working with my DSi... the place I bought it from didn't bother answering support queries, but I found all the information -- and a whole lot more -- right here.

    I'm not much of a gamer, mostly just a geek girl who likes electronics things. The DS is the only game platform I have, and I only play a couple games on it. I'm amazed at the scope and variety of homebrew stuff out there, I had no idea there were so many projects and so much going on that people have been able to do themselves.

    I'm also interested in the 'hacking' side of things, though I have no skills in that area, so I just read a lot. (I am a programmer at work, but just on boring business database stuff, nothing graphic or visual.) I got the DSi because of the SD card, thinking it would be great to run games off that. So I was very disappointed to realize that Nintendo had made it next to useless (for what I wanted).

    Anyhow, that's about it I think. I'm a Canadian, I prefer Mac and Linux, and I'm as comfortable with a CLI as I am with a GUI.


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    Welcome [​IMG]
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    Welcome to GBATemp [​IMG]