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    Aug 19, 2008
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    My game is not new but I released a major upgrade this month. I hope it qualifies for the contest:

    Grafoon is an ( buzzword alert! [​IMG] ) ‘Arcade Style Puzzle Shooter‘ with a lot of classic elements like: Doors/Keys, Mines ( including chain reactions ), various walls with different behavior, laser barrier, nasty enemies and a lot more…

    The main target is to pick up all Hobbels and bring them home to advance to the next map. Don’t touch the walls, they will destroy your ship. Touching enemies or enemy shots drain you ships energy. Collect green gems to increase your ships energy…

    Title Screen

    Game Map1

    Game Map2

    This is a captured video of the 1st tutorial level.

    This is a captured video of the 2nd tutorial level.

    This release includes 9 tutorial, 8 built in and 10 more ( quite easy ) maps in an external map set. Supporting external stored maps implies, that you can build and play your own Grafoon maps. If you consider building maps, drop me a line and I’ll explain how it works. I have tested this version in no$gba and on the R4 DS card.

    Copy the ‘Grafoon.nds’ file somewhere to your memory card and the ‘user_maps’ directoy to the root of your card. If you DLDI patch the binary you can select a ‘map set’ from the main menu.

    The web page with download link is here: Download
  2. Opium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    That looks pretty cool in the video, I'll give it a try. Nice work!
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