Gpu not performing optimally

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    Oct 23, 2011
    I have got an amd r7 260x and when gaming I run into some problems. I am sure it doesn't throttle and there doesn't seem to be a bottleneck. The game I seem to have most rouble with is battlefield 4. Even the lowest settings (but always 1080p 60fps cap) it reaches max gpu usage and it starts stuttering. I used to run the card at factory speeds (1050mhz core 1500mhz vram) and I tried overclocking it a bit to see if it would fix it. I overclocked it to 1070mhz core same vram). I am not sure but I think the card can handle the game at those settings without stuttering but I am not sure. I am still a n00b at all this stuff so please go easy on me. If you need any more information I can provide it. Thank you in advance.

    Sys specs:
    Win 8 64bit (not 8.1 if that matters)
    8gb ram
    gpu r7 260x 1gb oc from sapphire (I don't think vram maxes out, so I ruled it out)
    cpu Icore i5 3470 3.2ghz
    latest drivers on everything
    unparked cores (I know it is important for bf and gaming in general)
    max temps when gaming: 65-70 Celsius. avg: 60 idle: 35-40 sometimes lower
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    Did you tried this?