Goodbye PSP?

Discussion in 'PSP - Games & Content' started by NeSchn, Dec 31, 2008.

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    It's a Phone? It's not A Phone, if anything it has AN internet phone.

    And linking to a PSP4K topic just to put down the current PSP is cheap.
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    I've been thinking this for a while, ever since Crisis Core came out, and I saw the release list for the U.S. for the rest of the year. The PSP has so much potential, but the software is just really lacking. I bought the PSP at launch in 2005, and at first it looked (to me, at least) as if it were going to annihilate the DS, especially considering the vast hardware differences. Now-a-days, at least it's an awesome emulation machine (SNES excluded).
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    lol the ds does that with a flashcart [​IMG]
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    lemme guess:
    the number of people who get isos are more than the people who get ds roms.

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    The reason the DS killed the PSP was because it had games that would played differently if they were on other consoles, where as the PSP had games that were mostly cut down ports of ones you could play on other consoles, why would you buy two versions of the same game if one is just a lesser version of the other? At least with the DS being a lot less powerful it forced developers to come up with something else instead and at times the end result was sometimes better.

    Sure the previous Gameboys were pretty much the same but they relied on 2D games which were a lot cheaper to make than 3D and also the competition wasn't all that great with exception to the Neo Geo Pocket Colour but that had terrible 3rd party support.
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    Nov 26, 2008
    I don't think PSP is dead or something like that...
    There are many good game on it, even if not many people like them.
    It has potential for good games and sells (Dissidia, Monster Hunter were the top sell titles).
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    I think one of the biggest reasons the DS is beating the PSP is that while both systems do have the ability to play games from two different systems, you don't have to buy the secondary system games again to play them on the DS. That gave the DS a HUGE library of games to play from day 1! Want to play your favorite PS1 game on your PSP? Well, you have to wait until it's available, then buy it again. Yes, it works for the Wii (VC/WiiWare), but they STILL have a huge library available from day 1 (GCN).

    And how many GBA games didn't work on the DS? e-Reader and e-Cards. That's about it. Sure, you couldn't do multiplayer, but the games ALL WORKED. PS1 games? No guarantees.

    DS had an advantage from the get go.
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    Eh... not to be mean or anything, but I really don't think this should go under news.

    Anyway, I think the PSP could be doing so much better, but it seems like developers just don't want to invest their time on the PSP. Most people nowadays get a PSP just for the CFW, which says a lot.