Goldeneye + USB Loader GX = crash mid level

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    Greetings folks, and thanks in advance for your help!

    I recently dusted off my wii and installed USB Loader GX. It has been running fine with every game so far except for goldeneye. It seems to stop working during the fifth (carrier) level just when I'm about to embark in a plane. First the music starts looping a short segment and then the textures and level fails to load (i.e. I'm running in a black empty space). This goes on for a few seconds and then crashes.

    Could this be caused by wrong or inexistent ios or cios versions? I'll admit that keeping up with all the versions and revisions confuses me a LOT. I'm running the old 3.1u firmware and I only remember installing one single IOS with NUS downloader. I would gladly tell you what ios/cios are installed on the wii, but alas I have no idea how. It's probably useless information, but a wiikey is quicksoldered in there.

    It might also be relevent for you to know that USBloaderGX used to fail to load when launched for the 1st time (after booting the wii). It used to give a "cios not found" error. However, on the second and subsequent attemps to launch, it loads fine. Installing the fowarder fixed this issue.

    Again, I thank you VERY much for your time and help!
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    Here's what you should do, step-by-step, if a game which should work fails:

    -Use the latest cIOS (r21 with base 56 recommended).
    -Update your loader to the latest version.
    -Try another loader, like CFG-Loader/WiiFlow.
    -Check the game with Wiimms ISO Tools and the verify command.
    -If Blackscreen/no Color, toy around with forcing Language/Videomode.
    -Disable Cheats if enabled, they could sometimes cause problems.

    Always do that first, then search and then start to ask.