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    Dec 18, 2018
    United States
    Hi there,
    I did now a lot of research on your forum, about the different CFW and as far as I see it, there is a battle between athmosphere and SX.
    But before that, I wanted to "unlink" my nintendo account from my first gen switch.
    This switch has no CFW, is on 5.1.0, and has no updates since a couple of month. I want to unlink it because in future I want to buy a second switch and don't want to lose all my switch games which I bought so far (for the new switch).
    I read there is probably a ban risk if a have CFW.

    Is there still a downside if I have 6.2.0 compared to 5.1.0? I've read a couple of month ago that some homebrews are not running?
    Shall I do a nand backup before? No right, because after updating fuses a burned in the nand(?!) and I'm not able to downgrade.

    How can I unlink the account without updating?

    Thanks for your help

    edit: I now unliked on the nintendo website, but on the switch (even with activated wifi) it's still linked.
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