Getting my N3DS repaired

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by machomuu, Jan 7, 2016.

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    So since I bought my N3DS, there's been a tear under the touchscreen which I believe is a defect that I want to get fixed. It's still under warranty so I'm sending it to Nintendo to get fixed, but I have some questions before I do.

    1. So currently I have Ironhax installed on my 3DS. I don't really know why they would find out, considering there's no real reason for them to look, but aside from plopping in a mostly empty SD card (one that's free of Ironfall) and changing my custom theme to a legit one, is there anything else that I should do as a precaution before sending it in?

    2. Considering all of the hubbub, recently, this is relevant as well. 10.4. How likely is it that, assuming it's released before they send it back, they'll update it for me as a...favor, I guess? I've waited on downgrading because I knew I was sending it in, and it'd be a damn shame if that ended up costing me the chance.
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    about downgrading, i don't know. however, just plop out your SD before sending and you should be good
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    I can't answer with certainty because I've never sent in a 3DS, but I'll share my thoughts.

    1) If you very clearly indicate that there is a hardware problem having to do with the screen, then you'll be fine. But if you say that you're not sure, then that tells them to 'inspect' the whole system, and they could say "Oh, there was some software on your device which may have been causing the issue [as well]" and they could remove it. But honestly, I highly doubt they touch user data without express permission. They'll probably never really need to do much more than power on & off the device, so you're in the clear I believe.

    2) Follows the last answer.. I highly doubt they'll touch user data without express permission. Updating on their own will would be really invasive on their part, and they could get in trouble for it if other users complained.

    tl;dr I highly doubt Nintendo would touch user data, including system updates, but it might not be out of their policies to do so.
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