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    Right, am looking at picking up a Wii within next week. Am going to opt for a Wiikey 2 Modded console i think. From the off, all im interested in playing is PAL games (im in UK) and PAL Gamecube (maybe a few NTSC ones as well for the 480P)

    I wont be interested in homebrew really i dont think, or VC console stuff (apart from one or two that i will legitimately buy - is this ok to do on a modded wii??)

    Basically im just finding out whether i will have any probs with this, or whether ill be ready to roll straight away.

    Like i said, imnot interested in playing anything out of my region on Wii, ill play it safe in that regard.

    Would like to know what the hit and miss ratio is tho regarding GC games of different region self booting on the Wii, is it good or bad?

    Also , last question. Updates. Im guessing updates come in two guises. one via the internet, and another from discs? I very much doubt ill have the Wii connected to the net at any point ever. It will be purely offline. So in that case if i ever get prompted to update via PAL Wii discs, would this be completely harmless with regards to my Wiikey functioning ok and stuff?

    Sorry for all the Q's. Just wanted clarification on a few things before i went out to buy
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    at the moment it's no problem to update and you won't get any problems with buying VC games. i think ther should be no problems with the gamecube games but i'm not sore, because i don't play gc games
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    1) The Wiikey 2 has a config disc that allows you to set the settings to block updates out of your region. I recommend that just in case.

    2) Make sure you have a DVD burner

    3) Before updating, just come to GBATemp and either ask, or usually it will be posted about the outcomes of updates. But as of right now, no update is harmful.