Germany, a Paradise for slackers ?

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    Depends on where you live actually ...

    The ones who have the biggest Problem with the Refugees are in East Germany ... funny though that there are hardly any refugees in east Germany XD

    It is definietly frustrating to know that there is no money for schools and stuff but we spend billions of money to give these people food and shelter but well ... we would want help too if something happened.
    The biggest Problem is that the cultures are very different plus there are allways crimes in the news that were done by "refugees" :( even if it is just one out of several million it makes them all look bad.
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    So in Germany coffee cost 3 eur, but the pay is 1400 eur
    In Italy coffee cost 0,80 eur, but the pay is around 400-600 eur (only lucky people can get 1000 or 1200 eur, but very few, and you must work as slave, around 12-14 hours per day, 6-7/8 days at week) A restaurant wanted me EVERY day, 14 hours per day, for 1000 eur at month. So if i did this job, when i can live my life? No free day...

    anyway this shitty country try, every year, to force people work something like 8/7 days at week LOL
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    I suppose I should have been clearer. We have short time employment contracts (that should be used solely for trials, but there's plenty of ways around it) for a large segment of workers. They might not be literally sacked for "whatever", but the contracts can just not be renewed for no reason forcing an precarious cycle for many. For actual work contracts, there's an 8 day per year penalty, which is pretty much nothing too, and you might not want to fight for it if you want another job at some point.

    That barely no one gets how this affects productivity, innovation, loyalty, initiative, output demand and so on is beyond me.
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    I think you been brainwashed into thinking everyone takes pity on Americans, No we just laugh at them lol No one likes Americans outside of the USA. Its that simple
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    Everywhere can be a paradise for slackers if you know how I supposed.

    While it is true that some of the money released in germany can be best described as questionable, tehat still begs one major question:

    What kind of personality is "content" with "living" like this ?

    Germany is regarded as "paradise for medicine students" and people from the USA sometimes move over, because there is no tuition/study fee.
    In some way it is "good", but then again, where there's light there is also shadow....
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