Gecko OS v2.0 Feature Requests

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    [nuke] has posted a blog post asking what all of you end users of the USB Gecko would like to see in the next incarnation of his Gecko OS for the Nintendo Wii. You can leave comments without having to register so head on over and let him know what you would like to see. Additionally, if you view the main blog page you can see a picture of [nuke] and bushing kicking it in Hong Kong.

    I’m working on Gecko 2.0 software and tools, and i would really love some feedback from USB Gecko users of what improvements and features you would like to see.

    The same goes for the website, tutorials, guides just anything that you can think of that you would like to see changing, adding or improving, or if you think something sucks or not enough information just let me know. Even if its a minor or major major thing just post and i will add it or try my best to add it.

    btw gecko 2.0 is only going to be usb gecko customers, so no SD cheat or ocarina type requests. It is just going to be exclusive to USB Gecko users.

    post a comment below with what you want or if you like you can email me at

    uber thanks!

    The state of the Wii - 24c3, you looked the biz on there Bushing lol haha
    Posing like dare you....RESPECT++++++++++++