Gecko OS 1.8

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    Nov 7, 2008
    Brkirch has released a new version of GeckoOS (approved by Nuke).


    GeckoOS 1.8

    brkirch has released Gecko 1.8 the successor to the Gecko OS. This unofficial build has been approved by the people responsible for the USB Gecko Nintendo Wii hacking/cheat code device. It has a lot of new features and a new GUI.

    The Gecko homebrew application can be used without the USB Gecko hardware, but you're limited to only using it's various non-integrated features. However, the features available are worth using including cheat code support, region free gaming and much more!

    * Multidol games work through Gecko's game loader, rebooter is no longer required for them
    * To ensure games are fully functional the game loader now uses the IOS requested by the game (as a result there is no 002 error, that error is due to game loaders booting a game with the wrong IOS)
    * If a game requests an IOS that you don't have, the game's update partition will be searched for the IOS and the option to install the IOS will be given if it is found (if you have a modchip, turn off update blocking!)
    * It is now possible to select not to load the debugger, which increases the number of code lines allowed by Ocarina
    * New hooks have been added so that most (if not all) Wii games can be hooked
    * Rebooter will use the hook selected on the config menu to hook games
    * Rebooter is now compatible with preloader
    * The menu interface has been improved, and you can load a custom background by creating a 640x480 PNG-24 file, naming it background.png, and putting it at the root of your SD card
    * The menu configuration can be saved, and the saved configuration will be loaded automatically when Gecko starts
    * A configuration file can be created for game specific settings like hook type
    * New code types are supported by the code handler
    * GPF (gecko patch file) support


    Great news!
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    Theres allready a topic about this...
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    I looked for it, but I didn't find anything. :|
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    That's true, but this is the correct place to post it.
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    No way, it should be under user-submitted news.