GBC Injector Borders & Template

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    I noticed there weren't any templates available (at lease none that I could find) for creating the GBC VC border, seen when pressing and hold start when launching the game.

    In the attached zip, you'll find the template for Gimp or Photoshop. As well as some I created. To use simply add any image you want on the border to the "Border" layer, and fill a color of your choice to the "Color" Layer. You can use the "3DS imprinted.." to see the position of the VC's light. This to my knowledge can't be removed. Be sure to hide the layer before saving as an png. If you want a full border (not gameboy related) you can use any image, it'll place the game over the image, but you are free to use this as a guide for that. If you want to remove the labels, show the layer "Hide Labels"



    I would love to see what you create!

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