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Discussion in 'Other Handhelds' started by N64, Feb 9, 2016.

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    I've got some old gameshark snapshots from when I used to have a gameshark for GBC. I'm trying to use VBA-M to load the snapshot files but only 1 out of these is working. I recall they all worked fine when I took them.

    I'm looking for some help in recovering the save data associated with these snapshots. I can get the Pokemon Blue one to work just fine, but the Pokemon Silver and Gold ones don't seem to work. Any help is appreciated... I've tried all sorts of options on VBA-M to get these working (changing flash 64k to 128k, changing bios, etc) and none seem to work except the pokemon blue one.

    I've attached them all here... I hope someone here can help.

    pokeblue.gbs : works fine with Pokemon Blue on VBA-M
    latesrt silver.gbs : does not work. It is a pokemon silver snapshot
    allunown.gbs : does not work. It is a pokemon silver snapshot
    neils-save.gbs : does not work. It is a pokemon gold snapshot

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