GBAtemp Recommends #86 - Whip Rush (By BORTZanator)

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    Welcome to the 86th issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project!
    This is a weekly feature where we share some our favourite games and the occasional "something else".
    Some may be well known, others I feel have been ignored but all are fantastic and deserve at least a play.

    Whip Rush

    I'm a real sucker for space shooters, but not FPSs. If only someone would make a (decent) Gundam space war game... I can dream right?

    Whip Rush was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive System and later for Sega Genesis over in America. The game is also know by the names "Whip Rush: Mystery of the planet Voltegas", and "Whip Rush 2222AD: The Invasion of the Voltegians". As you might have guessed, the "story" of the game has something to do with whoever these "voltegas" are invading earth.

    So here's what happened. Earth, as usual, is depleted of its resources and we have started reaching out to find new inhabitable planets. Human exploration pilots report finding a planet like Earth called "Voltegeus" and upon approaching, lose communication. The Volts are apparently not happy with our colonization attempts, figured out where we came from and decided to do something about it. A few days after losing contact with our fleet, a mothership materialized over Mars and launched its offensive.

    Luckily, our smallest ship is also our most powerful, and you get to pilot it.

    Gameplay is pretty run of the mill for a game like this. Fly around left to right and and shoot stuff. Except for then you are still oriented to the right and the screen starts moving you down to up or vice versa. You start with the standard ween laser and can collect a few powerups that can be upgraded a few times. You can also get 2 "option" orbs (think Gradius) that you can have orbit around your ship. There is a layer of strategy that you need to adhere to when choosing upgrades or you might find things getting rough.

    The game is 7 stages long, with overpowered bosses at the end of each level. You can get extended by scoring and playing well, but if you lose all of your lives, you start over, arcade style.

    The game is not without its share of holes, though. One of them being unfair power up choices. In the first stage you get this awesome horizontal laser that decimates the competition, as long as it right in front of you... Because as soon as you get it, the game begins scrolling vertically, making it hard for you to defend yourself against enemies from above or below.

    WR came out right at the time when games like this were incredibly popular. As a consequence, this game was overlooked because it was a good game, but not really a great one. One of the biggest problems players had was the blatant stealing or copying of mechanics that made the game feel a lot like Gradius or R-Type. That doesnt mean it's not worth playing, but you should be aware of where the "inspirations" came from.

    Platform: Mega Drive/Genesis
    Developer: Vic Tokai
    Publisher: Sega/Renovation Products
    Genre: Shooter
    Year: 1990
    by BortzANATOR :bortz:

    Want to write us something? Just PM me and I'll take care of it! Don't worry about images or videos, as I can take care of that myself!

    I want to thank Hadrian for taking care of this for SO long and making a splendid job while at it. I hope you'll be back soon!
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    This is SO awesome. I've never seen a game like this before.
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    And here I thought I had done most of the shmup library for the megadrive/genesis.
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    Yeah, same here fast.

    Looks like I'll have my hands full this weekend. :)
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    I recall once playing another genesis game that looks very similar to this, I think it was called battle mania or battle master or something
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    I'm not sure if I've played this or not, it's hard to say with these kind of games.

    I've got a review coming soon, not sure when but there'll at least one more from me.

    Bio Hazard Battle?
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    This is the game I was referring too