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  1. zer01717

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    Apr 14, 2006
    I'm hoping someone could help with an issue I've been having regarding GBA games on my N3DS. I posted here few weeks ago but was unable to find a solution. Essentially when I boot a GBA VC game (or injected/ cia GBA) the system powers off within a few seconds. All other VC games boot/run fine (NES,GB,GBC,SNES). I am certain the games worked in the past. I recently updated my old/ original A9LH (hacked it when the guide first came out) to SigHax hoping it would fix the issue, but no luck. I also tried uninstalling/ reinstalling the games no luck either.

    I have a N3DS with SigHax and a 128GB kingston MicroSD
    Luma3DS 7.1
    (x)Show NAND user string in sys setting
    (x)Show GBA boot screen in patched ABG_FIRM
    (x)Enable exception handlers
    the rest is unchecked/default.

    I unchecked the GBA boot screen in patched ABG_FIRM from the Luma3DS settings upon boot and the games work again. If someone could explain what that function does that would be nice.
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  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    It certainly shouldn't cause your console to turn off...

    If you enable the gba logo, the rom header will be verified (no differently than what a real gba would do), so poorly edited roms wouldn't work; but the "don't work" means stopping at the GAME BOY logo, nothing more and nothing less, this is probably a bug in the logo patch
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