GBA VC Games not working.

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    May 6, 2016
    NEVERMIND I fixed it, turns out pokemon games didn't work, made it work using this ( tho.
    Couldn't fix it with the help of Luma3DS troubleshooting so im posting here.

    Trying to run GBA cia's gives me the gameboy advance screen but after that the top screen goes white and the bottom screen black.

    Pressing the home button still gives me the popup like it should.

    Steps taken:

    Used the gba rom converter found here (

    Followed all the steps in that thread.

    Game didn't work.

    Realize that Luma 3ds has it's own AGB Patching or whatever it's called.

    Follow the instructions in the "I have issues with GBA/DS/DSiWare games and i have installed a patched AGB/TWL FIRM cia before" section.

    Game still doesn't work.

    I'm stuck right now, any help will be greatly appreciated! <3

    EDIT: O3DS, A9LH on newest firmware.
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