Gateway user, does it worth to install a CFW?

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  1. Surfi

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    Apr 3, 2007

    I am a New 3DS user, with sysNAND on 9.0.2 and Gateway 3.7.1 with 10.6 emuNAND recently updated.

    I would like to know if I could get any advantage installing a CFW or if I would be able to do something that now I can't with my Gateway.
    In that case, which would be the most recommended CFW for my N3DS?

    Thabk you!
  2. dkabot

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    CFW has GBA/DSiWare support, unsure if Gateway ever got that.
    Also can boot without red card inserted.

    I'll leave A9LH out of this past the name drop, as it's a long process and (last I checked) can't directly boot GW since proprietary launcher and all.

    Assuming you still CN/OoT/MSET your GW, I'd recommend installing Menu/ThemeHax (same thing) to make it boot up easier.
    It'd also let you have a boot menu of sorts, so if you do add a CFW you can choose which you want at startup, (presumably) defaulting to GW.
    As for which CFW, I'd recommend either AuReiNAND or CakesFW, though note that neither of these patch "Ver." in System Settings to be something else.

    As another aside, whether you're on GW or a CFW, you might want to look at NTR-CFW, which is another CFW you load on top of any existing one and adds some extra features which may be useful to you at some point.
  3. Sciduck

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    Apr 6, 2014
    I'm using the A9LH exploit + AuReiNand CFW for 100% boot rates and cuts boot time by around 5s compared to menuhax + CFW/Gateway.
    I've had Gateway since the MSET exploit days but I only use it now for the cheats menu and to easily install a CIA manager from the red card on a new emuNAND.
    But if you are having good boot rates and prefer running .3ds files off the red card to CIAs then I'd recommend to stay on Gateway.
  4. Surfi

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    Apr 3, 2007
    Oh! Thank you very much for the quick replies!

    I will search about those and I will see which of them are useful for me.
  5. stl25

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    Pros: Cheats/run from .3ds rom so no emuNAND clutter(if you corrupt emunand you don't have to reinstall/copy all sd contents again so you just lose saves(use JK save manager to backup saves)
    Cons: No A9LH launcher as of yet so no autoboot without menuhax and bootctr/ctrmanager

    Personally if gateway embraces A9LH I think my gateway would still be quite handy.

    Gateway is like college in it's not for everyone. inb4 gateway haters maul me.