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    My dad is coming home from affar and i was wondering if he'll lend me 80 to buy the gateway (not really sure he is but...). well i wanted to ask if the gateway card is similar to the r4 in the following ways:

    my original r4 started having issues after taking the sd ccard in and out of it multiple times. it would sometimes not detect it.

    also one day the r4 split in two :( (it was very light and cheapish)

    i was wondering if the gateway would be the same? since you need an sd card for each game you will be taking the sd card out alot and inserting it. I dont know if the gateway would take more damage than the r4 or is it just as fragile? Would the 3ds xl later on start having troubles reading the gateway card or will the gateway card start having issues reading the sd cards.

    will the gateway card actually last at least a year or is it not worth the 80 bux yet cause i have no idea when it'll get a price drop :(
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    my r4 didn't have any issue with taking the sd card in and out multiple times, maybe you had a cheap clone? still waiting my gateway so can't talk about that.
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    The Gateway hasn't been out long enough to answer your questions. Devin's Gateway review is coming out real soon and you can get an idea of the build quality from that.
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    He and numerous others stated that the cart was sturdy and well built.