Gateway and Future Updates Question

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    Hello. I've had my Gateway ever since it came out. My question is, does it currently support the newest FW update (Omega) and all future updates?

    I see the newer versions have a red Gateway sticker on the back, where as mine doesn't have the sticker. Yes, I have a genuine version as well.

    Also, I saw that Pokemon X/Y is now Playable online. I also saw that you need to dump the game in order to go online with it. My next set of questions are as follow:

    1. How time consuming is it to make a unique dump of the game? I saw the instructions, just curious if it takes a while.
    2. Can Nintendo Currently (or ever) detect that we're on a Flash Card while going online?
    3. Do you think Gateway will ever get AR codes to work ON the Gateway?

    Thanks for any help.

    - Jastolze
  2. Abcdfv

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    Dec 24, 2013
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    Yes just put the 2.2 launcher.dat on your SDcard.

    1. Considering you're talking about Pokemon, not very considering the time you'll spend playing it.
    2. No one knows right now.
    3. If they cared about implementing it, I wouldn't say it was impossible.
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  3. Nurio

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    To add to this... There has been no reports that Nintendo has blocked users who use a flashcard. So either Nintendo can't find out, they don't want to ban users, or they are playing the waiting game.
    My money is on the first, maaaaybe the second. I doubt it's the third.
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  4. ShocWave

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    About 15 minutes per gigabyte.
    A 4GB rom dump would probably take an hour.
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  5. Lunai

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    Dec 14, 2013
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    Last time I dumped X, it took...40 minutes.
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