1. metromasher

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    Sep 15, 2013
    United States
    I've had my Gateway cards for a little over a week and it worked great until recently. I was able to put some DS roms as well as some old school emulators and games on the blue card. I was able to see the names of the files as well as the background was blue. Now fast forward and the problem is that the back screen or former blue back screen is now black and doesn't show the names of the files. The DS roms and emulators still work however I am unable to see the names of the files. I have folders on the main directory (that have the emulator and games) that don't seem to have names associated with each folder. So for example when I open the blue card on my 3DS I have several folders that have no name. I have tried to reformat the card and start from scratch but still run into the same problem with no file names. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you again
  2. Coto

    Coto -

    Jun 4, 2010
    it is a cheap R4i clone that runs the wood kernel

    try FAT32 and rename files so they don't exceed the 8.3 DOS filename

    And back up regularly, this card could die anytime soon (glued chip)
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