Gateway 3ds 2.0b1 help with installation

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by placebooooo, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. placebooooo

    placebooooo GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Aug 9, 2013
    United States
    Hi there guys, Im pretty phobic about installing this new gateway update even though I, just like everyone else couldnt wait for it's release. Now that it's released, pokemon x/y still doesnt work, and no multi rom, Im not sure why I would want to update, but i think it will take too long to wait for another update to come out, so i would greatly appreciate any help on the following questions:

    1-) What's up with this save issue thing going around? Will i lose my save files to my games like sm3dl and lozoot3d, or will i not be able to save anymore if I update? what is the deal with that?

    2-) About this emunand stuff, what im trying to comprehend is that if I decide to update my gw and install emunand, will there RANDOMLY be a chance of bricking even if i follow all directions clearly?

    3-)Does anyone know when a stable version will be released, if soon, I can wait, but im feeling like it will come around christmas time.

    4-)I read many different threads and im still not sure: how do i install this update and update the nand thingy?
  2. Cyan

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    4-) To update the gateway "firmware" version, you only replace the "Launcher.dat" file on your SD card.
    You are not forced to use EmuNAND, you can just replace Launcher.dat, and you will have more games working (zelda, batman, etc.)
    Only Pokemon and Animal crossing wont work.

    2-) EmuNAND will not brick your 3DS. It is a copy of your NAND, located on your SD card, and used/accessed instead of your NAND located on your console.
    As long as you don't decide to update your Emulated NAND copy on SD card, you will not risk anything.
    If you want to update the copy on your SD card (which allows you to play Pokemon), there's a (mal)chance that the update process go wrong and updates your real NAND instead.
    If your real NAND is updated, Gateway will not work anymore.

    3-) They said it will be soon, probably before christmas. but we don't know, if there are lor of reported bugs, they might need more time.

    1-) There are different things about the save issue, but the one you see is a problem when exiting a game.
    normaly, the save is transfered from the flashcard to the SD card when you press Home > X (to exit)
    it created a file on your SD card.

    The bug users are experiencing is that Gateway is crashing when attempting to backup the save from flashcard > SD, resulting in a loss of save/game progress in both SD and flashcard.

    Wait for a release with this bug fixed if you don't want to risk loosing your saves.
  3. Mulder_RLZ

    Mulder_RLZ Member

    Sep 9, 2013
    One thing that is not really clear for me here.
    I have a MK 7 bundle with the game pre-installed. If I make a backup of my NAND and do the Emunad format, when I copy the information back will the game be seen by my 3DS again? I looked for this around but no avail.
    I understand that I can download the rom and play, I just dont want to loose it pre-installed as this is a bundle after all...

    Edit 2
    It works with no issue, my sysnand can see MK7 after backup was restored. Saves ok too
  4. placebooooo

    placebooooo GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Aug 9, 2013
    United States
    I understand... I hope that they release a stable version very very soon though. Would any of you guys know if the 64gb micro sd card works on the gateway card or should i just get a 32gb and trim my roms?
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