Gateway 2.2 Online Support !

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    Today we are very proud to present Gateway firmware 2.2 "OMEGA" which is packing quite a few of highly anticipated features!
    (Links on bottom of this email)

    So let's take a look:

    * Online support

    That's right, now you can play online with your friends!

    As we hinted in our previous firmware release, the current "scene" dumps are missing critical data which is needed for online support.
    Our game card dumper however does create proper dumps, and will allow you to play online.

    To play online you will need a game dumped with our Game Card dumper and you must rename the file extension from .3DS to .3DZ in order to avoid accidental activation of online support.

    As always, use online play at your own risk. Since online play is linked to a genuine Game Card, we do not recommend that multiple users go online with the same game dump simultaneously as it will most likely result in a future online ban.
    We cannot help you if your 3ds console gets banned from online play.

    * Homebrew support

    It was about time this happened, so now you can develop and run homebrew games and applications just like the real deal!
    In particular, we would like to thank smea for his contributions, otherwise none of this would be possible.

    You can find a sample homebrew 3ds game in our downloads section, and we hope to see many more!
    Note that the ctrulib homebrew library is not yet completely stable, as can be seen in the graphical artifacts and when closing the homebrew application.

    * Savegame backup and restore

    Some users have requested the ability to backup and restore savegames from retail cards, so here it is!
    Simply launch the Gateway menu by holding L and you will see two new icons for savegame backup and restore.
    The savegame will be stored on the regular 3DS SD card.

    * Improved Game Card Dumper

    We fixed a minor bug that caused some Game Cards not to be detected by our dumper. This should now work.

    I left out the link to the firmware but I can confirm it is real. Havent tried online support yet as I dont have any games to dump myself
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    Thanks for posting this :).
    Looks like scene releases in general should not be taken online, it will be really easy for ninty to ban duplicate cart ids (if they don't automatically already do that). Maybe a card id scrambling tool would work ?
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    It wouldn't surprise me if that leads to a situation like the point cards, where most IDs are simply unvalid and you'd need a way to generate them first (which will probably be impossible without inside knowledge).
    Also, all this is pretty much only useful for people who actually buy their games, lol.
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