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    Dec 15, 2014
    Hello, I am 32 and have never owned a smart phone.. just never really wanted one, I spend too much time in front of a screen already. Anyways, we need to use "Whats App" at work in order to know when someone needs a shift covered so I'm looking into getting a modern phone. Has anyone tried these before?

    Can anyone recommend this or another "gaming" phone? Having emulators on a phone would make it a lot more appealing to me... and maybe even try out the fairly new version of hyperspin for android.

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    IIRC, The Galaxy Note 5 has the highest benchmark score in Antutu.

    Not really sure if it's good for gaming but if emulators, mid-tier to high-tier phones should be good enough.

    For highest compatibility with games, get a phone with Qualcomm or Nvidia or Exynos CPU.

    I'm not really sure if the Nvidia Shield Tablet is compatible with WhatsApp but for gaming, it's pretty decent.

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    I also think that those smart consoles are good but I wouldn't really prefer them.

    I use a tablet/phone + controller set-up for gaming on the go. It's quite nice. You can also different gamepads/controllers via a wired connection or bluetooth.
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    Out of those, only the S5800 takes a SIM card, and that's out of production.
    You could probably install WhatsApp on the 7800B and link it to your normal phone number - I did on my old one, thought WA might have tightened up it's verification security in some way since then.
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    May 8, 2012
    behind a keyboard or a gamepad
    In smartphones think phone first, smart second and gaming third.
    Why phone first?? because that's the primary function and if it fails as a phone don't expect it to do much more.
    smart second because apps can be very useful as you said whatsapp can be used for good even when everyone else use it for entertainment.
    gaming third because emulation and all that sounds and looks great in paper but in practice the lack of buttons kill it, is terrible trying to control Mario with a touchscreen. bluetooth gamepads can fix that though. And games specifically designed for touchscreens like Cytus and Deemo are excellent. Visual novels and RPGs are good too.

    As for the phone itself I say don't let Samsung deceive you and go for a Sony one. Xperia's have never left me down in design and performance, I have a Z3 compact right now and is excellent, does everything and does it fast.
    The size depends on what you like I guess, I like phones that can fit in a pocket so I went for the Z3 compact.