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    Lali ho!

    Final Fantasy 7 was reduced on PSN a few days ago so I finally bought the digital copy, even though I own the actual discs. Discs that are never to be played, touched, or even looked at, they're practically a family heirloom at this point. So the wife is overjoyed, because she can finally go on her first ever solo run through the game. She's enjoying it, in fact she's done very little else for the last two days, but she's raised a very interesting point that got me thinking.

    As you all know, games these days seem to attract controversy like turds attract flies. Sometimes you could say it's justifiable, other times it's just attention seeking nonsense. People will pick a game apart for any reason, be it violence, sexual content, racism, anything. And to me it seems like this is much more common these days. Not saying games didn't do the controversy circuit in the old days, we all know how much of a fuss the original Mortal Kombat caused. But the wife pointed out that despite some decidedly sketchy content when you look at it, neither of us remember FF7 and many other games that quite easily could have been picked apart ever gaining any sort of negative press. Feel free to correct us if we're wrong on that but I've never seen it. Here's a short list of points she considered dubious just from disc one. Spoiler alert, I guess? Despite everyone knowing the entire story off by heart at this point.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    That's just disc one. I could go on to talk about attempted execution without trial, etc in disc two, but you get my point. When you really think about it, the game has some disturbing moments that just seem to fly in completely under the controversy radar. It's not unique to FF7 either. In games like Streets of Rage you can stab people with a knife and yet nobody ever complained. Why is it that violence, sex, crime and etc are somehow acceptable in some games but treated like the devil incarnate in others?

    Let me just state categorically that I don't care for controversy, I've always thought controversy is bullpies because you can always just not play games that you find offensive. But I'm curious. Did people just not give a crap back in the day? How come only a select few games got the media attention before this last console generation and the dawn of the online age, but now that we have high speed internet it seems that a lot more games get picked apart by the media for this sort of thing? Is it just a matter of the more realistic looking graphics, or are people just more inclined to bitch these days? Is it a matter of declining moral standards, or just people taking advantage of the widespread influence of controversies to get attention?

    Thoughts, opinions, examples?
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    The fact that people still cry about it when Hatred is a thing is laughable at best.
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    Since I've learned from a young age to separate fantasy from reality, I don't consider the moral ramifications of the 1's and 0's I'm twiddling while playing a video game.
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    I feel like its a "soup of the day" mentality. Like a school of fish changing direction or something. Made possible by the Internet, of course. Social media specifically. Anyone has a voice that can be heard at almost any part of the globe. And, if you sympathize with a person's viewpoint, even in the slightest, you don't even have to stand up "join" their cause or to show support. Just click here. "100,000 clicks, you say? Must be important! I'll have that!"
    Similar with gaming/art controversy. I'm willing to bet a thoughtful person could pick apart ANY game/piece of art and find something to be offended by. Or at least something that MIGHT be offensive to SOMEONE in the world. So, I do think that a lot of stuff flies under the radar, and we only hear crying about the ones that have a large friends list or get media attention. But maybe people, on average, are more politically correct as well. Somehow, we all deserve the right to not ever be offended by anything. It's a cultural thing, I guess. Personally, I don't like it, as many of my favorite games get heat and that could turn into censorship, if their online petition goals are met!
    I mean, I just want to run over strollers in GTA and have the baby go flying out while the mother runs to the soiled heap, crying. It adds to the realism and immersion, but I imagine the only reason it doesn't exist yet is because a few people with Internet connections might influence sales.
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    A lot of infamous games actually hired people to make their game infamous in the medias eyes, since bad press is best press. Hard to get better advertisement than literally everyone talking about how "controversial" your game is.
    Hatred is a great example of an overall pretty uninteresting game getting blown way up over basically nothing. GTA has wildly worse things than Hatred ever did. Hatred is actually pretty mediocre when it comes to ultraviolence or gore or anything touchy, but that's not how they marketed it.

    So the difference is simply how they're marketed. Games don't fly under the controversy radar, they simply choose not to show up in the first place. Games with "controversy" surrounding them likely sparked that fire themselves with their own marketing techniques. You have to remember most people dumb enough to cry about videogame violence has likely never touched a videogame in their life. So they would have to hear about it somehow.
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    It's because most people in this day and age are whiny little bitches who feel the need to get offended on a consistent basis, get offended for other people, and feel a need to voice just how offended they are on a consistent basis. They need to grow some balls and learn that not everybody gives a shit about their little bubble they want to believe is reality.
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    Gaming controversies are like internet memes: it's hard to predict which ones go viral.

    Mortal kombat is a bit of a bad example, as it's the only one where it's really not hard to guess why there was controversy in the first place: it had blood and gore for no other reason than a shock effect (and made no sense were you going to use a 'continue' when that fighter just literally punched your head off?).
    But the other ones? Duke Nukem 3D had controversy because it was popular, but it was far from the first game to have sexual content. the Hot coffee mod wasn't even in the freaking game but people complained about it nonetheless.

    I haven't played FFVII, but I have to admit that when I heard about the plot, I sort of wondered why this was never a controversy. It certainly had the elements (though "terrorism" wasn't controversial until after 9/11). If I had to guess, I'd say it was "because it had cartoony graphics". That may sound like a stupid argument, but remember that before Mortal kombat, Tom & Jerry did the same a kid's show, no less.
    (I also remember someone complaining about a doom 1 level that had a swastika-sign platform somewhere. It was a reference to wolfenstein 3D, but people complained either way. So ironically enough, a whole game in a nazi environment is less controversial than just one swastika)

    So in that way, I'm kind of curious to see how this realistic FFVII remake will do. It won't surprise me if this new game gets the controversy the original never had. :P
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    The Tom and Jerry cartoons always made me laugh, but the rare bit of controversy around them made me laugh harder. To my mind there were only two occasions where people whined about Tom and Jerry; that episode near the end where it's implied but never shown that they kill themselves on the train tracks, and the cowboy episode where Tom is seen smoking. All the hyper-sensitive grandmas got their panties in a bunch about a cartoon cat smoking a cigar, but that exact same cartoon cat can be whomped in the face with an iron, set on fire, cut into pieces, thrown off cliffs and all manner of dreadful (yet somehow hilarious) things, and nobody bats an eye. In fact the only time I've ever seen that kind of cartoon violence even addressed was in the Simpsons episode where Maggie brains Homer with the mallet after watching Itchy and Scratchy.

    Tom and Jerry is just one example of this kind of blinkered approach to controversy though. You ever notice that violence of any kind is far more acceptable than the slightest hint of nudity, even though sex is a natural part of life, necessary for the continuation of the species, in no way illegal (unless you're doing it to a horse or something, and even then it depends which state you're in) and basically the reason why anyone does anything, ever. Take a look at Mass Effect. People flipped their shit when they found out there were 'sex scenes' in the game (which were about as PG as possible anyway) yet you can vaporize people with a plasma rifle or staple them to the wall with the Krogan Graal Spike Launcher shotgun and nobody gives a shit,

    The common thought in my little social strata is that the complaints about sex are likely coming from those with either a bad experience or no recent experience of it, but that's likely just a stereotype. Why do you guys think it's fine to rip a guy in half in God Of War but the moment you have off-screen sex the parents go apeshit?
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    Morality is a bitch, doesn't it??
    I think is because sex is portrayed as a bad thing even worse than death. god forbid you, a growth man, for even want to see lewd material, that isn't moral at all you filthy immoral scum.
    the fact is worsened by moral guardians and people get dragged by them because of the "facts" that sex is bad because rape and pedophilia exist.
    killing people in general is bad, but for some reason killing killers and dictators is fine.
    sex by nature isn't bad, but for some reason everyone is a rapist or pedo, so at the end sex is bad.