Gamecube/Wii Rom file sizes?

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    Before I started ripping with cleanrip I downloaded a couple of games I owned and have a bit of a problem.

    The file sizes of the rom ripped is a bit smaller then the rom downloaded from the internet. Is this normal? Is this strange?

    Picture of my collection, its fairly large. Maybe 500+ games.

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    Wii dumps are not ROM but Disc image (users call it ISO when it's a dump of a Disc).
    ROM = dump from cartridge
    ISO = dump from disc

    Dumping a Wii game always creates a disc image of the same size, regardless of the game's size on the disc, because the game data is completed with random bytes to fill the disc 100%.
    correct Dump size:

    Wii single layered :
    If it's 4 699 979 776 bytes, it's unscrambled. <-- All your wii clean dumps should be this size.
    If it's 4 700 012 544 bytes, it's unscrambled with unscrambler 0.4 which adds an extra 32 768 bytes to the file (JESUS release)
    If it's 4 736 698 368 bytes, it's in raw format and must be unscrambled.

    Wii double layered :
    Unscrambled : 8 511 160 320 bytes
    Scrambled : I don't think anyone ever dumped a DVD9 scrambled iso

    GameCube :
    - GC ISO 1.35 GB : 1 459 978 240 bytes
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    just if you want to play it with devolution, if you want the full ISO you can complete it with gamecube iso tool and use the option of save the iso in full size, but the size is normal for all the games, Nintendo completes the games with 1 and 0, look at the super mario all stars (wbfs 18MB) this game in ISO (4.4GB), converting to wbfs or using wiiscrubber you delete all the trash of the game, the same is both wii/gamecube