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    Sorry if this is posted already somewhere I'm a little confused and don't want to install a wii file on my wiiu and mess it up. I currently have Wii games and GC games on my external hard drive and want to play my gamecube games using wiiflow but it says disabled on when I try to click the gamecube option. What files do I need to download to allow me to play my Gamecube games using Wiiflow I saw the post for Nintendont but from what I gathered that's a standalone program I'm assuming just for gamecube games. I also have the wii u gamecube controller adapter and what like to use that with my gamecube games if that's possible as well. Thanks
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    Actually, you do need Nintendont. Follow the "install" instructions in the OP of the Nintendont stickied thread. That will enable the GameCube option in WiiFlow. You technically will never have to actually enter the Nintendont app itself if you dont want to, unless you wish to use the internal updater or download the file through it (which you NEED for the GameCube adapter)

    Once you feel comfortable with that, look at the thread "Nintendont Themes and Custom Mods". Its basically the same thing, but AbdallahTerro has modded the app to pretty it up a bit and make a few adjustments of his own
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