Game & Watch: How to make a replacecment LCD Reflector?


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Jun 13, 2013
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Okay, so if you know Game & Watch, then you know that under the liquid crystal is a silver metallic sheet called a reflector. I won't pretend to know much more than that, but the key is that they can be damaged. I watched a video about this, and the summary was that it happens from moisture damage (like being left for a long time in a place that wasn't moisture-controlled). Usually the damage looks like concentric rings of faded color on the screen, and this makes the picture look darker and faded, especially in the middle of the screen.

My understanding is that it's easy to replace these (indeed, they come out easily enough). My question is, how can I make a replacement? I've seen an ebay listing for someone selling replacements, but I have to imagine they are pretty cheap and easy to make if the ebay listing I saw was selling them for only about 5 bucks a pop. Yes, I realize maybe it's silly to worry over such cheap elements, but I actually have a number of G&W systems that could use a replacement, so I'd rather just keep the spending to a minimum.

I read somewhere that metallic silver vinyl sheets, cut to size, were a reasonable stand-in. Has anyone used that, and if so, was it okay? I'm most worried about using a product which will damage the device. These are going on 40 years of age after all, and I'd hate for one to fail not due to entropy but due to idiocy.
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