Game suggestions- Super Mario 3D World? Or something else

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    Plan on playing this game during the christmas season with my family (I recieved 90 dollars as a gift to use at Best Buy, however, one of my concerns is the Wii U Gamepad vs the regular Wiimotes. Is the game that different on a Gamepad? Does it require nunchucks for the Wii motes?

    For lack of a better term, will it be unfair with the one person that gets the gamepad vs the three others that don't? Or does it just act as a second screen?

    Thoughts on how the game plays? Or is my giftcard better spent on something else? A 3DS game perhaps? I have a PS3, but not too crazy about the selection these days (I already have ACIV and a preorder for Destiny)
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    For multiplayer, Game Pad is compulsory for Player 1, but 2, 3 and 4 have a variety of different controllers to choose. Wiimotes on their side per NSMB, Wiimotes with Nunchucks per Galaxy, and the Classic Controller/Pro Controller per anything on Virtual Console.

    Player 1 has access to some touch screen controls that 2, 3 and 4 don't. These are things like freezing enemies and moving stuff, and exposing hidden items. There's also a small minority of levels which revolve around Game Pad controls such as activating platforms.

    So in a way, Player 1 in this game is the game master. If you have children about there may be conflict for Player 1.

    Also for single player, you can use whichever controller you want, but there are some levels that can only be completed if you use the Game Pad.
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    I love that this game supports every single Wii/Wii U controller outside of the balance board. I definitely prefere the gamepad/ Wii U pro controller > classic controller> Nunchuck> wiimote.

    The wiimote alone is not as bad as I thought it would be. Since movement is in 8 directions in the game the dpad works pretty good. Its just the crouch button being the trigger which is difficult and less control over your speed if you are trying to move slow and careful.

    I still get confused about things, like when can a player drop out...I guess just in between levels. Its great that they can join at anytime by just pressing a button. And all players share one pool of extra lives.

    So in 4 player mode you have to use the gamepad? I don't get that, you can do 3 players with out using the gamepad but not 4? That's weird because I swear the box says 1-5 players. I want to be able to do 4 players and have the gamepad available for some one to do the boostmode/galaxy player 2 type of functions. Can anyone else confirm if this is possible/impossible? (these functions are cumbersome to use while also playing the level, so if anything it can be a burden and not something to fight over)

    Also its cool that any one one can press a button at the beginning of a level to make all characters random. This is good for kids fighting over who gets to what character. Although I don't think this will ever pick the secret unlockable character which is a problem. Kids fighting over characters is a bigger issue than fighting over which controller.

    I would definitely recommend this game for playing multi-player with the family. Beside the very limited instances where a level has you use the touch screen or blow in the mic to use a platform there is not much controller envy. The only other thing player 1 has is movement on the world map meaning player 1 alone chooses which level to enter. Everything else is equal between players.