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    Hey guys, well I'm sure some of you are antcipating for the new Phantasy Star Poratble 2 (Sept 14). In order to play the game online, you need the entitlement code so I was thinking of buying the Hard-Copy game.

    First I know that we can't run the UMD on CFW? As I've been told.

    Anyways, I was wondering if there is a way to run the UMD version of PSP2, will it be dead slow compared to an ISO? One reason why I'm buying the UMD is to save space on my memo card as the Jap version of PSP2 is 1.6gb or so. (I got a 4gb and 1gb). If I were to overclock my psp say to the 300/166 (I believe its calld), will the UMD run as fast as an ISO game thats been overclocked to the same speed? (From the VSH Menu)

    Back to my concern on running UMD on CFW, if I can't run the UMD, I'll either have to buy the game from PSN? Or wait for an entitlement code to be released on PSN (20 bucks for the socom ftb3).

    Thanks guys.
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    whether the UMD runs on cfw or not isn't known yet.
    from what i can tell for example, the new KH:BBS should work fine as umd on a prometheus firmware.

    some umd's won't work though because they require patches beyond the memory-patches and 6.## firmware simulation done in the prometheus firmwares.

    also, changing CPU speed does absolutely nothing about umd slowdowns, the bottleneck is the UMD drive itself not the CPU.
    overclocking the CPU will only speed up loading times of CSO's, where the loading is slowed down by compression rather than actual read speed.
    overal game speed however(when no loading is done) should be the same regardless of whether you use umd, iso, or cso.
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    Whilst it is true that the speed difference is the read rate from the UMD, switching the GAME clockspeed to 333 will improve in game load time....classic example of this is God Of War Chains of Olympus. It automatically plays at 333 by default, but if you lower that manually via CFW (and i'm talking about the UMD here), then you'll notice the difference in Loading times and lag when the screen is cluttered. The reverse is true the the GTA games. They should run at 333 really, but Sony hadn't allowed anyone to utilise the 333 game speed so they lag a bit from UMD. However, if you boost your Game clockspeed again via CFW then the UMD experience will be smoother.
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    If the loading involves decompression as well (which it most likely will for any game at or near the 1.8 gig UMD limit, and most likely won't for the way smaller games) then that would introduce the CPU as a bottleneck.

    Though small games might use procedural textures or methods of generating environments, especially "random" ones. Those (especially if 3D) might introduce a bottleneck as well.