Game Lockes Up

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by capple123, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Jan 14, 2010
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    My son is part way through his game just past the junk yard he tells me. Now when he tries to continue the game freezes. Can someone help me find a sight that calls out game compatabilities and issues. I'm running the most up to date AKAIO 1.5 maybe 1.5.1 as I did run the Wifi update from the DSL.

    Thanks for any help

    I narrowed it down to the 4G SDHC Card,
    Tried Sons Acekard 2i with his 4G SDHC in different DSL = No Worky [​IMG]
    Tried 4G SDHC card in another Acekard 2i = No Worky [​IMG]
    Tried Save Game data on new 4G SDHC card in both sons and new Acekard 2i = WORKS [​IMG]
    Tried Save Game data on new 4G SDHC card for EZFLash Vi = WORKS [​IMG]

    Backed up data from sons 4G SDHC to PC,
    Format 4G SDHC with Panasonic SDFormatter V2.0
    Copied Data back to 4G SDHC card
    Game now = WORKS [​IMG]

    Thanks again I hope this helps other