Game crashes when loading a Nintendo WFC Code.

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    Basically, I don't know whether this would go under the Nintendo WFC Section because it uses a homebrew WiFi Connection. So, here's the scenario:
    • I'm using a Supercard DSTWO booted from a DSi
    • 4 out of 5 of the games seem to react in the same way in method 1.
    • All the games react in the same way in method 2.
    • All the reactions are related to crashes.
    • In the WFC settings on the DSi, I assigned a static IP address with the gateway "" (My router gateway) The IP would be "" and the subnet mask is "". I also assigned both DNS servers to ""
    • I used the codes included at the bottom of this post, I also scanned some of the ROMs myself and used those codes, that was until I found the codes for all the games, so I'll include both my usrcheat.dat and the codes, credit goes to their original owner, as I don't remember where I got them.
    Tested Games:
    Pokemon Black
    Pokemon White
    Pokemon Black 2
    Pokemon White 2
    Mario Kart DS
    The Methods:
    1. Have the code enabled and launch the game.
    All 4 Pokemon Games didn't even show the logo saying "The Pokemon Company", they froze at the white screen.
    Mario Kart DS Played Normally but when trying to join a WFC match the game seemed to progress normally at the loading screen but after about 30-45 seconds crashed exactly like method 2.
    2. Boot the game (whether or not codes are turned off), hit L+R+Start, Click Cheats, hit Yes if prompted, enable the code, then exit the menu.
    The game crashed a fraction of a second after the menu exited, and the music also stopped, and you can hear that annoying sound byte keep playing as long as an eternity, probably would scare you if you were kids... the nightmares... horrible.
    So, any way to fix this?

    Note, due to file size limits, I had to 7z the file then add it to a zipped file, so it's a good idea if you have 7-zip installed.

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