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    Originally Posted by wiiminator
    Wii Update Available Firmware 3.4


    Here is the update message that Japanese Wii owners are getting, concerning Wii update 3.4…

    On Thursday, 10/23 starting at 7 AM, the Shopping Channel is undergoing maintenance longer than scheduled, and is currently not in service. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this maintenance. With this maintenance, the following changes will be made.

    - Wii Points will soon be called Nintendo Points, and all references as such will be updated. All other functionality with Nintendo Points will remain the same.

    - The controller usage explanation screen will be updated.

    - The controller usage explanation screen will be separated from the purchase screen. Along with this, the user will be prompted to confirm that they have any necessary accessories before being able to press the Purchase button.

    - The design of the icons displayed will be updated.

    Source: Gaming Age Forums

    The Update Will Be Listed Sometime Later Today Either On Our Site Or Go Nintendo Site. So Be Watching For This Update. The Comments From Readers Had Some Fake Listing As To What It Did.

    Here Is That Comment.

    Scarpine Says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Channel Updates
    Mii Channel
    - Added more types of apparel (i.e. Shirts, shoes, hats and pants, etc)
    - Added more types of faces, hairstyles, features, etc
    - Ability to create Custom apparel by using images loaded from an SD card
    - Ability to collect new items from games that would be automatically added to the Mii channel.

    Photo Channel
    - Ability to delete images from Photo Channel without having to search for them on the Message Board
    - Choose order in which music tracks are played during slideshow
    - Ability to arrange order of pictures to be viewed in Slideshow
    - Customization of image gallery (allow for user-created folders to manage pictures)
    - Ability to change music tracks during a slideshow
    - Custom Slideshows
    - Playlist support
    - Now allow video shortcuts to be placed on Wii itself, so you can view it with your photos

    Internet Channel
    - Support for Adobe Flash Lite 3
    - Save images from web page to the photo channel
    - Support for Tabbed browsing
    - Image download to SD Card

    News Channel
    - Support for additional news source feeds

    Shop Channel
    - Popular games enhanced. Now, you can see what is “Popular this week”, “Popular this month” and ”All-Time Best Sellers”.
    - Download Demos. Try out Wii games before they come out.

    Data Management / Storage Solutions
    - USB Flash Drive support
    - USB Hard Drive support
    - Support for SD Cards above 2GB
    - Ability to load Virtual Console games from an SD card without it residing in the Wii main memory.
    - Allow people to merge their save data files as what would be extremely useful in the situation where a friend brings over their save file on an SD card or no longer has their Wii.

    Communication Enhancements
    - Ability to communicate via voice while playing Wi-Fi Connection Network compatible games
    - Options for Enabling or Disabling voice chat communication functionality
    - Support for most Bluetooth and USB compatible headsets/microphones.
    - Parental Controls updated with more options for communication functionality
    - Instant Message your friends in your address book
    - See when friends in your address book are actually online utilizing the Wii (games, photos, surfing net, bulletin board, etc).
    - View your friends Game-Specific Achievements
    - Download new Game-Specific Achievements

    General UI updates
    - Ability to customize the Wii Main Menu (Select wallpaper, music, animations, size and shape of channels). Incorporated SD Card functionality so you can select to stream music tracks off that media.
    - Cleaned up the Wii menu with a single channel for all Virtual Console games, rather than each game having it’s own channel.
    - Option to group games together. Keep all the N64 games on one channel or all similar games together.
    - Firmware/Software Update History
    - Address Book page increase
    - The ability to message multiple people in address book at once.
    - The ability to send and receive messages via the Wiimote Home button at any time, even during gameplay.
    - The option to have the LED stay on constantly while the system is on.
    - Ability to adjust gamma correction, vertical screen position, etc. in your screen settings.
    - Ability to set the sensor bar settings incrementally.
    - Ability to set a boot up password / PIN.
    - Ability to lock out the configuration options and save data sections via parental control features.

    New Channels
    - Instant Messenger Channel - Chat with friends or family members who are online at the same time.
    - Media Channel - An update of the Photo Channel where you can listen to MP3s without viewing the pictures.
    - NSider Channel - A channel that takes you straight to the Nintendo Forums.
    - Nintendo Power Channel - Get special downloads and content from Nintendo Power.
    - Achievements Channel - View total play time, which games played, accomplishments, games registered, and other stats.
    - Music Channel - Be able to listen to various music tracks from your saved games such as the unlockable Metroid Prime 3 extras. You could configure a jukebox with your favorite music and have it play in the main Wii interface while you use the Message Board or Internet Channel.
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    Is this just a guess or is it really going to be an update?
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    The 23rd has passed.
    I'm guessing this is the update that kills are homebrewz
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    Yup just checked it out this was the homebrew bug fixer update but it would be cool if they released this stuff in the next update.
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    if this is true then they finally grasped the idea of putting much features to cover up the security patches, unlike the past updates where nothing is changed but twilight hack is being removed and the next update where nothing whatsoever is changed again but fixes all trucha bugs
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    its cool but the original author said some people were proven fake from these so, idk, ill update for this but someone should find a workaround for having the benefits of updating but not blocking homebrew
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    I really doubt all those features are real. That would actually please the public, and we all know how Nintendo feels about doing the right thing.
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    There adding chatting which is Wii speak.There making it possible to play vc games from a sd card we already have sdhc support(for homebrew channel anyways).
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    well nintendo is really being gay right now

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