'Fusée Gelée'-Patched Nintendo Switch Models Reportedly Hit Retail Stores

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    Fusée Gelée, the coldboot software launcher for the Nintendo Switch from Kate Temkin, was the subject of much discussions regarding piracy on the newly released console, more so given the fact that it was allegedly "future-proof". Temkin attributes the exploit to "a 'coding mistake' in the read-only bootrom found in most Tegra devices [which] cannot be patched once a device has left the factory". According to her website, she subsequently disclosed the exploit to NVIDIA and forwarded it to several vendors (including Nintendo) as a courtesy.

    Nintendo seems to have doubled down on this issue and apparently has been patching new Switch units at factory level via ipatches. The report comes from SciresM's recent tweet:

    These new Fusée Gelée-immune Nintendo Switch ship with firmware 4.1.0 and are unlikely to be the hardware revision codenamed Mariko.

    We already have a vibrant discussion going on about this news in a dedicated thread on our website. Join in the conversation and share your thoughts over there!

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