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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Returnofganon, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Jul 1, 2015
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    Hey guys I've just recently gotten into the wii hacking scene a few years to late. After following outdated tutorial after outdated tutorial I'v gotten around to gamecube backups using nintendont. I've soon found out that for the gamecube games to run in nintendont you need to have an exact iso size of 1.35 gb, and that's where my trouble began. I found Fastfix (fstfix?) and tried following many tutorials to no luck. I keep getting the error:

    "Sorry this ISO is not fixable in this version!"

    I originally tried with a .iso file but have changed it to .gcm/.gmc (I saw both used in tutorials and didn't know what was right.) I believe I have linked it to the correct folder and everything as it seems to recognize something but nothing works. Any Ideas or alternatives? Thanks in advance!

    Ps I'm am a noob to gbatemp and might not respond right away please bear with me :D
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  2. tswntk

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Size is not the problem.
    The problem is there are plenty of bad dumps out in the wild and the only way to make sure they are good dumps is to compare your isos with known good dumps.
    Of course that has to be 1:1 originals which are 1.35gb. There is no point to compare to manipulated isos. Use redump.org for a database of known good dump hashes.

    fstfix is absolutely useless in turning a bad dump to a good dump. The only way to get a good dump is to get it from reputable sources like ripping a good disk you own.
    .gcm is just an extension name invented for gamecube isos, simply rename it to .iso if your loader only support .iso
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