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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by WiiFit_Guy, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Jan 10, 2015
    I see recently that I got an icon for a free download of Windows 10 for sometime in July. I recently noticed probably after an update to my Windows 7. I have an AMD- A8 3530MX APU and 8gb ram. I really like windows 7 and its simplicity. Though I have tried the windows 10 and don't like the layout as much. Maybe it needs time getting used to.

    I want to know if I should take advantage of the free upgrade. I mean, why not. If windows 7 is slowing getting less updates and most software and apps are jumping to windows 10.

    Does anyone know how long Windows 7 will be supported? I know Windows XP was supported for longer then expected, though Im not sure about Windows 7.


    EDIT: Sorry meant to say Windows 8. Though from the looks of it they do seem similar. Most importantly, I want to know if my laptop can handle the OS GUI and multitasking ect
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    The mainline support for Windows 7 ended at the beginning of this year, but extended support (meaning you'll still get security updates as long as you're on SP1) will last until 2020.
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    I just made an image of my win7 drive. If the upgrade doesn't suit my needs I can just revert.
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    I'd recommend you to wait a little while, the free update is supposed to be free for 1 Year so you have some time ;)

    Even though they are saying that Windows 10 is Actually ready to be released and that they are only working on some minor changes and addons, even with the newest update I still have Problems with Win10 on 3 out of 3 Computers -.-V

    Installed it on VM twice and on Two real Machines and still all the time the Start Menue brakes and Cortana doesn't want to work as it should plus many Driver problems even though they said all windows 8 drivers should work fine .... ....

    As it is now even though I like it better than 8 I would recommend not to update.
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    You DO realize that
    1. the only copies out _NOW_ are Tech. Developer Copies, A.K.A BETA SOFTWARE...
    2. 100% driver support was never promised, and couldn't be promised, since that's not something windows can guarantee.
    3. developers still have to update software,drivers, etc for 10, which a bunch of developers wait to do until the software is finalized(Which isn't until July 29th),
    4. It's common knowledge that VM's are going to be inferior to partitioned Hard drives devoted specifically to a Desired OS, since it divides CPU/RAM between two simultaneously running OSes