Four New 'Spore' Titles Announced!

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    "EA has officially announced several new titles, two for the DS and one for the Wii, and an expansion to the Spore lineup that will launch this year.

    Will Wright previously hinted at a DS title, but it turns out there are two DS titles. The first is Spore Creature Keeper — dated for Summer 2009. The standalone game looks to be a mix between MySims and Nintendogs: the clip I saw was a monster running on a treadmill and then decorating his house before having his tummy rubbed by a hand cursor. Clearly, Creature Keeper is aimed at younger gamers, so skip it if you can’t stand the cute.

    The second DS standalone title is part of a pair of games born of a Nintendo partnership with EA. The working title is “Spore Hero Arena” and it ties into a Wii game called — wait for it — “Spore Hero.” There wasn’t actual gameplay footage for Arena, but Spore Hero looks to be an adventure game where you create your own creature to guide through a preset world and plotline. These games are slated for a Fall 2009 release.

    Last, but first (in the release schedule) is the Spore expansion Galactic Adventures. More than just a content pack, Adventures adds a layer of gameplay to the space exploration part of the main game as well as a separate branch of Spore to screw around in. Check out my impressions later today for full details."

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    ...and the milking begins.
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    My exact same thoughts.. so sad...
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    I'm sure CockroachMan has already posted this news.