Formatting NOR memory with R4-III YSMenu

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Wolvenreign, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Hey everyone. I'm sorry for making another topic about this (having made one in the R4 board) but I felt it would be more appropriate here.

    I have YSMenu on my R4-III, and I think I messed up my NOR memory somehow with GBAExploader. This was before I had YSMenu. I tried to write Mother 3 to the NOR memory with GBAExploader.58b, but it wouldn't load when I went to play it using the "play from NOR function(x)". The only thing that showed was the "Game Boy" logo, without "Nintendo" below it. Then it froze. So I reset the DS, and two white screens came up.

    I reset it again, this time taking out the 3-in-1+. I put it back in and went to GBAExploader, but this time, there was nothing but a bunch of gibberish on the top screen next to "(0 games)". (There was still Mother 3 on the memory card.) Since then, I have reformatted my card and placed the latest YSMenu on it. It still freezes with blank white screens whenever I boot it up with the Slot 2 card in place. I suspect it's because the DS is stuck trying to read corrupt NOR data.

    So, I'd like to try formatting the NOR memory with YSMenu, but I'm unsure how to do it with either it or GBAExploader. Once more for emphasis, I'm using a 3-in-1+.

    Edit: Oi! I am terribly sorry for the double topics! I had accidentally posted 2 by stopping Firefox when I was loading in order to correct a typo! Forgiveness, please!