Fix your wii with a WAD

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by TheTurkGamer, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. TheTurkGamer

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    May 5, 2016
    In your computer eating all your data
    so if your wii is bricked
    this threat may help you even you have full brick
    you'll need:
    -bootmii (as boot2) or priiloader
    -sd card or usb
    -wainkokos WAD manager
    -Nus downloader
    1. download the wad from nus download (select pack wad and database -> system menus -> any you want)
    2.put that wad on your root of sd or usb (i mean with root at the first)
    3.boot to homebrew
    4.go to the WAD manager
    5.install that wad

    thats it and thats all you succesfully unbricked your wii you can boot finally to the system menu
  2. Cyan

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    that's so generic. it's like writing a guide saying "1. find a tutorial, 2. follow it, 3. done!" best guide ever.
    You are not even telling what to get or why. if something worked for you once, it doesn't mean it's the same issue nor that it should be fixed the same way for all other people.
    and a full brick means that it's fully non functional and can't be fixed anymore. if you can fix a brick, it's not a full one.

    If you want to help, that's fine but take in account the user's safety and his specific needs. Before helping someone, you need information from that user. For example this simple survey to determine where the issue is located, what is happening and how to fix it before telling the user what to do.

    Users : Please don't follow his guide (even if you can't as there's not enough information to follow) or you'll end up in a worst state than your current one.
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