Fix for Wii 4.3U stuck in Hackmii scam warning

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Momed, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Hi all I have this experience to share in case you come across the situation I faced with my Wii. I am new to the Wii modding while starting I came across different guides that followed and successfully soft mode my will to full functionally, started downloading and playing backup so I had some games that did not work and my research on google pointed to IOS merging and upgrading so I did do all this as hope to play games however some time this week I came across the softmode package modmii and gave it a try to find that that had everything I need on this Wii softmode adventure. Well After so much googling and updating and changing things on my Wii from various sources I worried that I should clean my Wii and resoftmod. While googling I found that I could use any title deleted hbc to delete all the rubbish which I did including all iOS that left my Wii unable to softmode again. Since I was at version 4.3U I could not use nitenndo update to resolve my problem. I tried the letterbom but stuck in Hackmii scam warning. I could play use my Wii to play my game disc but no way to mod and enjoy my backups I assume this was caused by deleting important files. this was my solution below,,,,,

    To just update Shop channel, download ModMii from run ModMii Skin. Now with this program you can update system menu also but I wouldn't. I'd update everything else though, just answer yes to "first time...or...updating..." 4.2, U, stay @ 4.2, pick any channels you want, you can change the theme but I'd stay with same old boring...., skip USB (can setup later if you want), it will download all the files you need and create a guide to follow.

    If you really don't want HBC, it's not needed but you need to change an instruction or 2 to load MultiMod Manager. Copy all the files to your SD card. Then rename/remove the boot.elf fie (hackmii installer), COPY the boot.dol file from /apps/mmm to root of SD, where Hackmii installer was. Now when you run BannerBomb by clicking SD card on Wii SystemMenu, MMM will load. If Bannerbomb doesn't want to work, boot into Priiloader, the press A on the load/install file then 1 on MultiMod Manager or the one that you copied "boot.dol". Once you launch MMM follow install WAD instructions from ModMii. If you don't have IOS236 use 249 or 250,

    MMM has an app manager if you want to update to Priiloader 0.7, or need to run 236 installer.

    Credit goes to this dude who gave Best Answer: to my search (How to remove Bootmii or Priiloader from hacked wii?)

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