1. squall_leonhart

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    Today I followed: Softmod guide by Zorua. and modded the PS3.

    1. Installed kmaew3.55
    2. Installed multiman 2.00 base
    3. Installed BDEMU-355KM & BDEMU-355WT

    But when testing it I used an older game "Grand Theft Auto IV" to see if it worked. but unfortunatly it gave the famous 80010017 message.

    What I did was first to enable the NTSF as i had the game on a NTFS system, after which i copied the game to the internal HDD so now it looks like:

    hdd0/GAMES/Grand Theft Auto IV/
    hdd0/GAMES/Grand Theft Auto IV/PS3_GAME (and it's content)
    hdd0/GAMES/Grand Theft Auto IV/USRDIR (and it's content)
    hdd0/GAMES/Grand Theft Auto IV/PS3_Update (and it's content)
    hdd0/GAMES/Grand Theft Auto IV/PS3_DISC.SFB

    the basic SFO file is configured like:
    Title ID: BLES00229
    Title (Default): Grand Theft Auto IV
    Version: 01.05
    App. Version: 01.00
    Parental Lock Level: 9
    Data Type: DG

    As MultiMan 2.00 displays the Logo and shows the content is on the HDD available I select it and it goes back to XMB and it loads up with the background in place. tho when I either select the APP_HOME/PS3_GAME or the Disc location, (Having an original copy of FFXIII in the drive) it will prompt the 80010017 error message. Now I don't know what's wrong but hopefully someone can explain where the error is. I have not altered/modified any files. hoping someone can shine a light on where it goes wrong and/or how to fix it.

    Anyhow, think I provided everything i can think of, so thank you in advance to anyone that can help me out on this matter.
  2. Zorua

    OP Zorua Newbie

    Looks like it's a hardware issue.
    Do other 'real' games work?
    Try running some other backup.

    Try copying it to the GAMEZ folder and run it it with a disc in the drive.
    Also, try running it by pressing select + x.
  3. squall_leonhart

    OP squall_leonhart Newbie

    if you mean by real game a genuine blu-ray disc game then i have to say yes.
    Final Fantasy XIII loaded normally without any problems.
  4. Zorua

    OP Zorua Newbie

    Did you try doing the other things that I suggested?
  5. squall_leonhart

    OP squall_leonhart Newbie

    Well just wanted to let you know the drive itself works normally.
    As for another backup will have to extract them from their iso file first.
    The files I have are from when the PS3 was being back-up for the first time (when jailbreak was released for the first time), maybe that has something to do with it?
  6. Zorua

    OP Zorua Newbie

    Also, try copying the game to the GAMEZ folder instead of the GAMEZ folder and run it with a game in the drive.
    You can also try running it by pressing select + x.
  7. squall_leonhart

    OP squall_leonhart Newbie

    btw when I wanted to make a folder called GAMEZ using multiman's file manager it did not show up.

    Well seeing as FFXIII is in the drive i might aswell copy that to the HDD and see if it plays or if it gives the error again. so by tomorrow we know if it works or not.
  8. squall_leonhart

    OP squall_leonhart Newbie

    Okay, now time to puzzle what the reason is then.

    I did copy Final Fantasy XIII from the original disc to the HDD using Multiman 2.00, and it plays the intro without a problem thus far. also it loads without the need of a disc in the drive (did eject it) just to make sure it was not the disc it was grabbing it off after all. now just to figure out how to get Grand Theft Auto to work.. lol
  9. Zorua

    OP Zorua Newbie

    Might be a bad ISO.
    Try downloading it again and this time avoid downloading an ISO file.
  10. squall_leonhart

    OP squall_leonhart Newbie

    well ironicly i did read on another forum that downloading an ISO is a bad thing to do so i won't waste bandwidth on that again lol

    btw I like zorua (as a pokémon), and ty for your help zorua (person) XD
  11. VashTS

    VashTS Beat it, son

    Mar 14, 2009
    United States
    in bold is part of the problem, it should look like
    although i think multiman can see it either way. but yes you found out that ISO's of ps3 games are no good as i did the hard way. they need to be decrypted. multiman does this on the fly, as does other loaders. so when you rip a game it works fine. with iso format there was nothing i found that could get it to work. COD3 has only a scene release iso, no proper JB format for ntsc region.
  12. Originality

    Originality Chibi-neko

    Apr 21, 2008
    MultiMAN doesn't care what the game folder is called, so long as there is only one game folder and no extra subfolders. You do not need the game ID in the game folder name (although I put it in anyway just to keep it tidy).

    None of the games I've downloaded ever come in ISO format, so I can't comment on it.

    Also, PS3 is region free, so NTSC has nothing to do with it.
  13. VashTS

    VashTS Beat it, son

    Mar 14, 2009
    United States
    i know that ps3 is region free, i meant there is a european version of cod3 in german that is in jb format. i said ntsc meaning japan/usa type release. i consider europe as PAL, NTSC as jap/usa. comes from n64 days.

    i figured that multiman wouldn't care about the folder name, its very advanced now. older back up managers only could see certain folders within certain folders with certain naming conventions. at least thats what i experienced when messing with 3.41 jb.
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