1. brams

    OP brams Newbie

    Apr 14, 2018

    I have a PS4 with firmware 4.05 and module ESP8266 flash with esphostmulti405.bin.

    When i access to the Packager installer with HEN, i try to install my PKG file but when the installation is finish (100%) i dont have any icone of the game in the homepage... Like if the installation doesnt work in spite of the end of installation.

    Why after installation of PKG i dont have the game in homepage ?

    I see the file PKG added in downloading tab but after click on start download i have a message error that say "application not found".

    I try with method ( PS4 Exploit Host of Al Azif) and i run Locally the exploit but when i try to launch the exploit (ORIGINAL + JAILBREAK), the PS4 stuck in a whitescreen page. I disable the firewall/anti virus, other networking apps.

    Please help me i am stuck...
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