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    I'm looking for help with Firefox + Mac.
    I don't have a Mac to test it myself, so I'm very useless here.
    If you are willing to help me and have some time to spend, it would be even better [​IMG]

    I'm currently developing an add-on for Firefox.
    The add-on is used to help downloading files by changing the saving folder according to filters defined by the user, (ex. save all gbatemp related files to a nintendo folder).
    It prevent searching for the folder for hours in your HDD mess [​IMG]

    I got 2 bugs reports stating that it doesn't work on Mac OSX, but I don't have further help from these users [​IMG]
    They only give a bad note on Mozilla add-on page and un-installed the add-on for never try it again later, nor help the author to correct the bug for other users.... Selfish people è_é
    I only got 2 bugs reports, while 1200+ users are using it on Mac OSX, so it might be a hard to trigger bug.

    Here is the report :

    When downloading a file, my add-on read the chosen path from the filter list, and set it into
    if no filter matches the download, then the chosen folder is set to the Desktop by default.
    Sometime, instead of the correct path to the desktop, like hdd:/path/user/desktop, there is this data (all in 1 line, but it has the same effect):
    It's a data encoded in Base64.
    When decrypted, we can clearly see the Desktop path among a lot more unknown data (unknown for me, as I don't own a Mac to understand what they are used for).

    Here the question :

    1- Did you already encounter such a data ?
    2- Do you know what the decrypted data contains ?
    3- Does the Mac use a user session with password authentication ?
    4- Could it be the session information provided into that data to tell the computer that the user have the user rights to save to the desktop ?

    5- If you have time to help me and want to test it yourself, please install automatic Save Folder :
    * once installed, go to tools/Automatic save folder...
    * at the bottom of the preference window : choose "save to this folder" and do not select a default path (leave it blank).
    * Add a filter if you want (ex. file: *.zip, domain : all, path: hdd:/download/)
    * go to option tab, and check "view option while saving" "always visible"

    * go to tools/options/Applications
    * search for .zip and .rar files, and choose "always ask"

    * download a .rar file (so the filter doesn't match, and the default folder is used instead).
    * report the "suggested path" to me [​IMG]

    if it's pointing to Desktop correctly, then I'm wrong, and it's not coming from the default folder.
    * Set the default folder to desktop manually (at the bottom of the Add-on preference window) and try the C) again

    I hope some users here will have time to help me improve my add-on.
    Thanks a lot.
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    Dl'd and installed and it told me its not compt with 3.5.9 [​IMG]
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    that's really strange, it's compatible from 1.5 to 3.7a1pre [​IMG]
    which version did you get ? 1.0.1 or 0.9.x ?

    edit :
    I really don't understand why there are so many people using ASF on a MAC in the mozilla statistics if it's not working correctly [​IMG] (today 1386 users are on Darwin kernel)
    And even more if it's not working correctly : Why nobody told me that before ? the add-on is on-line since 2007 !!