Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Sync Patch

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    FE1DS Sync Patch
    This is a small patch I made a while back because I was bored. I figured I'd share it with everyone else. The goal of the patch is to add features from the FE3 Remake into FE1DS. Here's what the patch does:
    • Modifies the growths of FE1DS's characters to match their growths in FE3DS.
    • Imports the map sprites from FE3DS (they don't have that ugly thick outline).
    • Allows Tier 1 females to reclass into Cavaliers.
    • Allows Tier 2 females to reclass into Generals.
    • Modifies the class bases to match the ones in FE3DS.
    • Modifies the stat caps to match the ones in FE3DS.
    • Modifies the weapons to match their FE3DS counterparts.

    This is the final update I will be making. Download the patch.