Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - GC save import

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    You would use savemii, it's been a long time but you have to do something with Dolphin like create a new memory card with the save because Nintendont has a seperate memory card for each game.

    Wish I could tell you step by step but don't really remember.
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    Wii games, even played trough Wii U VC, don't use Wii U file system, but the regular Wii one. Savemii is for Wii U games.

    You should download a RD save file with PoR bonuses unlocked (GFaqs has some save files: ) and place it onto the SD card. The directory should be SD/private/wii/title/RFEE/data.bin (or RFEP for Europe). Then go into Wii save file mananger and copy the save from the SD into the Wii NAND.

    If you don't want to "cheat" and use your own save date from PoR, you should start RD on Dolphin, import the PoR save data from Dolphin virtual memory card, save, and move the RD save file from PC to SD card.
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